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Hi, Nice to see you.
I am Elaine, the owner, cook, and photographer here. I live in China now and grew up in Sichuan province. I had two great cooks around me from my early childhood: my mother and her mother. Growing up, I traveled around China and tried so many yummy Chinese dishes. The purpose of this ChinaSichuanFood blog is to share my cooking ideas and some of the lovely experiences from my culinarily time

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Don’t Be Limited By the Site Name

The initial purpose of this blog is to introduce the dishes I cooked daily and of course, most of the dishes are Sichuan food. So I name the blog, chinasichuanfood. But it goes far beyond Sichuan cuisine as the blog continues to be popular among you, all of my dear readers.

Cooking makes me happy with a feeling of calm. I love photography too.

About the copyright

You may use the pictures, but only if you attribute them to the blog.

Questions? Contact me by leaving a comment or finding me on Facebook. I will get back to you as soon as possible. By the way, you can send me your dish pictures by tagging #chinasichuanfood on Instagram.

Wish everyone happy cooking.

Asian Spicy Cucumber Salad | chinasichuanfood.com

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